Accepted papers

Long papers:

Raihana Mokhlissi, Dounia Lotfi, Joyati Debnath and Mohamed El Marraki.
An Innovative Combinatorial Approach for the Spanning Tree Entropy in Flower Network

Rezwana Reaz, H. B. Acharya, Ehab S. Elmallah, Jorge A. Cobb and Mohamed G. Gouda.
Policy Expressions and the Bottom-Up Design of Computing Policies

Shlomi Dolev and Daniel Khankin.
Monitorability Bounds via Expander, Sparsifier and Random Walks. The Interplay Between On-Demand Monitoring and Anonymity

Mohammed Gabli, Soufiane Dahmani, El Bekkaye Mermri and Abdelhafid Serghini.
A Dynamic Genetic Algorithm Approach to the Problem of UMTS Network Assignment

Edward Talmage and Jennifer Welch.
Anomalies and Similarities among Consensus Numbers of Variously-Relaxed Queues

Meriem Atifi, Abdelaziz Marzak and Abdelaziz Mamouni.
A Comparative Study of Software Testing Techniques

Armando Castaneda, Yoram Moses, Michel Raynal and Matthieu Roy.
Early Decision and Stopping in Synchronous Consensus: a Predicate-Based Guided Tour

Chen Avin, Louis Cohen and Stefan Schmid.
Competitive Clustering of Stochastic Communication Patterns on the Ring

Shlomi Dolev, Chryssis Georgiou, Ioannis Marcoullis and Elad Michael Schiller.
Self-Stabilizing Reconfiguration

Theophanis Hadjistasi, Nicolas Nicolaou and Alexander Schwarzmann.
Oh-RAM! One and a Half Round Atomic Memory

Wafa Neji, Kaouther Blibech and Narjes Ben Rajeb.
Incoercible Fully-remote Electronic Voting Protocol

Egor Derevenetc, Roland Meyer and Sebastian Schweizer.
Locality and Singularity for Store-Atomic Memory Models

Karolos Antoniadis, Rachid Guerraoui, Julien Stainer and Vasileios Trigonakis.
Sequential Proximity: Towards Provably Scalable Concurrent Search Algorithms

Amira Soliman and Sarunas Girdzijauskas.
AdaGraph: Adaptive Graph-based Algorithms for Spam Detection in Social Networks

Khalil Laghmari, Christophe Marsala and Mohammed Ramdani.
A Distributed Recommender System based on Graded Multi-label Classification

Ait Omar Driss, Outanoute M’Hamed, Baslam Mohamed, Fakir Mohamed and Bouikhalene Belaid.
Joint Price and QoS Competition with Bounded Rational Costumers

Truc Nguyen Lam, Bernd Fischer, Salvatore La Torre and Gennaro Parlato.
Concurrent Program Verification with Lazy Sequentialization and Interval Analysis

Petr Kuznetsov and Thibault Rieutord.
Agreement Functions for Distributed Computing Models

Achraf Ait Beni Ifit, Othmane Alaoui Fdili, Patrick Corlay, Francois-Xavier Coudoux and Driss Aboutajdine.
Profiling and Modelling of HEVC Intra Video Encoder’s Energy Consumption for Next Generation WVSNs

Hassan Faouzi, Mohamed Er-Erouidi, Houda Moudni, Hicham Mouncif and Mohamed Lamsaadi.
Improving Network Lifetime of Adhoc Network using Energy AODV (E-AODV) Routing Protocol in Real Radio Environments

Arielle Moro and Benoît Garbinato.
A Location Privacy Estimator based on Spatio-temporal Location Uncertainties

Mohamed Er-Rouidi, Houda Moudni, Hassan Faouzi, Hicham Mouncif and Abdelkrim Merbouha.
A Fuzzy-based Routing Strategy to Improve Route Stability in MANET based on AODV

Marcio Diaz and Tayssir Touili.
Reachability Analysis of Dynamic Pushdown Networks with Priorities

Prakash Saivasan, Mohamed Faouzi Atig, Ahmed Bouajjani and K. Narayan Kumar.
Parity Games over Bounded Phase Multi-pushdown Systems

Maryem Ait El Hadj, Yahya Benkaouz, Bernd Freisleben and Mohammed Erradi.
ABAC Rule Reduction via Similarity Computation

Yu-Fang Chen, Chih-Duo Hong, Ondrej Lengal, Shin-Cheng Mu, Nishant Sinha and Bow-Yaw Wang.
An Executable Sequential Specification for Spark Aggregation

Debasish Pattanayak, Kaushik Mondal, Partha Sarathi Mandal and Stefan Schmid.
Convergence of Even Simpler Robots without Location Information

Armando Castaneda, Sergio Rajsbaum and Michel Raynal.
Long-Lived Tasks

Short papers:

Rachida Hassani, Younès El Bouzekri El Idrissi and Abdellah Abouabdellah.
Software Project Management in the Era of Digital Transformation

Mouad Mansouri and Leghris Cherkaoui.
Using Fuzzy Gray Relational Analysis in the Vertical Handover Process in Wireless Networks

Moufida Rahmani and Mahfoud Benchaïba.
Toward a Resource Availability Measurement in Peer to Peer Systems

Anne-Marie Kermarrec, Nupur Mittal and Javier Olivares.
Multithreading Approach to Process Real-time Updates in KNN Algorithms

Peva Blanchard, Rachid Guerraoui, Julien Stainer and Igor Zablotchi.
The Disclosure Power of Shared Objects

Meryeme Ayache, Mohammed Erradi, Bernd Freisleben and Ahmed Khoumsi.
Using Aspect-Oriented State Machines for Resolving Conflicts in XACML Policies


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