Keynote Talk : Navigating the Digital Sovereignty Landscape: Challenges and Strategies


Over the past twenty years, cyberspace has evolved from a global economic space – controlled primarily by multinational technology giants in social, cloud, microchip, and cybersecurity – to a strategic geopolitical space. It is therefore not surprising that governments are increasingly bringing the term « digital sovereignty » into play. However, digital space, by its very nature, is a global entity shared by all nations, and the globalized nature of the software and hardware supply chains adds further complexity to the notion of digital sovereignty. Despite its intricacies, understanding digital sovereignty is critical to effectively addressing international regulatory issues such as jurisdiction over data and taxation of profits from data exploitation activities. This presentation introduces the multifaceted concept of digital sovereignty, delves into the prominent risks it confronts, and emphasizes the need for comprehensive nationwide strategies to mitigate these risks. It highlights the dynamic nature of digital sovereignty, shaped by evolving technology, national policies, and geopolitics, emphasizing that no nation will ever reach full sovereignty in the digital space. This prompts a discussion on the prerequisites a nation must fulfill to achieve a substantial level of digital sovereignty and the ongoing efforts required to enhance this level over time. Furthermore, the talk underscores the pivotal role of computer scientists in this ever-evolving landscape, identifying emerging technical threats where research results can help a nation to strengthen its digital sovereignty.


February 29 ,2024 March 11 ,2024

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Revised selected papers will be published as a post-proceedings in Springer's LNCS "Lecture Notes in Computer Science"

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