Accepted Paper


– Dynamic Resource Allocation for 5G Device-to-Device Communication Based on Expected SARSA
Shashini Thamarasie Wanniarachchi and Volker Turau

– Sharding in permissionless systems in presence of an adaptive adversary
Emmanuelle Anceaume, Davide Frey and Arthur Rauch

– Some new results with k-set agreement
Carole Delporte-Gallet, Hugues Fauconnier and Mouna Safir

– Towards Stronger Blockchains: Security Against Front-Running Attacks
Anshuman Misra and Ajay Kshemkalyani

– Distributed Station Assignment through Learning
Miguel A. Mosteiro, Lu Dong and Michelle Wang

– BeRGeR: Byzantine-Robust Geometric Routing
Brown Zaz, Mikhail Nesterenko and Gokarna Sharma

– Enhancing Cost and Latency Efficiency through Service Placement in Containerized Fog-Cloud Computing Environments
Driss Riane, Widad Ettazi and Ahmed Ettalbi

– Static Data Race Detection via Lazy Sequentialization
Bernd Fischer, Giulio Garbi, Salvatore La Torre, Gennaro Parlato and Peter Schrammel

– A Domain Specific Language for Testing Distributed Protocol Implementations
Cezara Dragoi, Srinidhi Nagendra and Mandayam Srivas

– Concurrent Wait-Free Graph Snapshots using Multi-Versioning
Gaurav Bhardwaj, Ayaz Ahmed and Sathya Peri

– Federated Learning for Enhanced Medical Image Analysis
Sanaa Lakrouni, Slimane Bah and Marouane Sebgui

– Algebraic Computations in Anonymous VANET
Dariusz Kowalski, Miguel A. Mosteiro and Austin Powlette

– Agent-Driven BFS Tree in Anonymous Graphs with Applications
Prabhat Kumar Chand, Manish Kumar and Anisur Rahaman Molla

– Blockchain based Massively Multiplayer Online Game Architecture
Boris Chan Yip Hon, Bilel Zaghdoudi, Maria Potop-Butucaru, Sebastien Tixeuil and Serge Fdida


– Towards Generating a Dataset for Failure Prediction in Microservices Applications
Ilyass Tarhri, Driss Allaki and Hamza Kamal Idrissi

– An Efficient Framework for supporting Nested Transaction in STMs
Nischay Ranjan, Rohit Kapoor and Sathya Peri

– Tool Augmented LLMs for Big Data Analysis
Mohammed Ali Essabri, Jamal Rebii and Mohamed Erradi


February 29 ,2024 March 11 ,2024

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March 7 ,2024 March 18 ,2024

Paper submission deadline

April 22 ,2024

Accept/Reject notification

May 12 ,2024

Camera ready copy due

May 27-28 ,2024

Metis Spring school

May 29-31 ,2024

Netys Conference


Revised selected papers will be published as a post-proceedings in Springer's LNCS "Lecture Notes in Computer Science"

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