Accepted papers & Videos presentations

Aravind Segu and Wojciech Golab. Recycling Memory in Recoverable Mutex Locks (video).

J.J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves and Dylan Cirimelli-Low. Making CSMA Collision-Free and Stable Using Collaborative Indexing (video)

Mohamed Lechiakh and Alexandre Maurer. FEBR: Expert-Based Recommendation Framework for beneficial and personalized content (video).

Jonas Höchst, Hicham Bellafkir, Patrick Lampe, Markus Vogelbacher, Markus Mühling, Daniel Schneider, Kim Lindner, Sascha Rösner, Dana G. Schabo, Nina Farwig and Bernd Freisleben. Bird@Edge: Bird Species Recognition at the Edge(video)

Karla Vargas and Gregory Chockler. Distributed oracle for estimating global network delay with known error bounds (video)

Viktor Malík, Tomas Vojnar and Petr Šilling. Applying Custom Patterns in Semantic Equality Analysis (video).

Parosh Aziz Abdulla, Mohamed Faouzi Atig, Ahmed Bouajjani, K. Narayan Kumar and Prakash Saivasan. Verifying Reachability for TSO Programs with Dynamic Thread Creation(video)

Armando Castaneda, Sergio Rajsbaum and Michel Raynal. A Snapshot-Based Introduction to the Linearizability Hierarchy (video)

João Paulo Bezerra de Araújo, Petr Kuznetsov and Alice Koroleva. Relaxed Reliable Broadcast for Decentralized Trust (video).

Laurent Prosperi, Marc Shapiro and Ahmed Bouajjani. Varda : An architectural framework for compositional distributed programming (video)

Laine Rumreich and Paolo A. G. Sivilotti. An Eventually Perfect Failure Detector on ADD Channels Using Clustering (video).

Markus Sommer, Jonas Höchst, Artur Sterz, Alvar Penning and Bernd Freisleben. ProgDTN: Programmable Disruption-tolerant Networking(video)

Anshuman Misra and Ajay Kshemkalyani. Solvability of Byzantine Fault-Tolerant Causal Ordering Problems (video).

Imane Chakour, Cherki Daoui and Mohamed Baslam. Mechanical energy minimization UAV-mounted base station Path plan for public safety communication (video)

Lhoussaine Daoudi, Mohamed Baslam and Said Safi. Dynamics analysis for a duopoly game with bounded rationality in cognitive radio network (video)

Hamid Garmani, Mohamed El Amrani, Driss Ait Omar, Mohamed Ouaskou and Mohamed Baslam. Analysis of Interactions Among Infrastructure Provider Fronting Content Provider (video).

Léonard Lys and Maria Potop-Butucaru. PoWacle: a proof-of-work based decentralized blockchain oracle (video).

Sinchan Sengupta, Sathya Peri and Parwat Singh Anjana. A Self-Stabilizing Low Stretch Spanning Tree Construction (video)

Salima Attache, Ikram Remadna, Labib Sadek Terrissa, Noureddine Zerhouni and Ikram Maouche. IoT based Prediction of Active and Passive Earth Pressure Coefficients using Artificial Neural Networks (video)

Janne Alatalo, Joni Korpihalkola, Tuomo Sipola and Tero Kokkonen. Chromatic and spatial analysis of one-pixel attacks against an image classifier (video)


February 29 ,2024 March 11 ,2024

Abstract submission deadline

March 7 ,2024 March 18 ,2024

Paper submission deadline

April 22 ,2024

Accept/Reject notification

May 12 ,2024

Camera ready copy due

May 27-28 ,2024

Metis Spring school

May 29-31 ,2024

Netys Conference


Revised selected papers will be published as a post-proceedings in Springer's LNCS "Lecture Notes in Computer Science"

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