Workshop on Verification of Distributed Systems (VDS) 2024

Rabat, Morocco

May 27-28

Colocated with NETYS 2024

Context and Goals

Modern computer systems rely crucially on concurrency and distribution to meet increasing high performance requirements. The rise of new technologies such as multi-core processors and could-computing have pushed concurrent and distributed programming to the mainstream. However, the development of concurrent and distributed systems that are both performant and consistent is a huge challenge, both from the conceptual and practical viewpoints. Researchers and practitioners in the fields of databases, cloud computing, parallel programming, concurrency, programming languages, and verification have independently tackled this challenge focusing on unique problems arising in their respective domains. We believe that there is significant potential for synergy by bringing together researchers from these diverse areas to build upon insights and techniques from each other. The main goal of this workshop is to provide an opportunity for such a synergy and to foster collaboration between the participants. Participation in the workshop is by invitation only. The workshop follows a tradition of workshops on related topics; see, e.g., FRIDA 2016 held in Marrakech, Morocco, CCDP 2015 held in Agadir, Morocco, VDS'18 held in Essaouira, Morocco, and VDS'19 held in Marrakesh, Morocco.

Topics of interest

A central theme of the workshop will be the issue of correctness in the development of performant concurrent and distributed systems. In this workshop, we would like to explore the different correctness notions that are used in this context and to understand the relationship between them. We would like to investigate methods for specifying, verifying, and testing systems against these notions. Here are some suggested topics that are of interest to this workshop:


Dates and Venue

The workshop will take place in Rabat, Morocco from May 27-28, 2024. The workshop will take place in the Centre d'Acceuil et de Conférence (CAC). For more details, see Netys webpage.


Participants to the workshop must register using the procedure for Netys webpage.

List of Participants

Photo by Abdulrahman Al-Zahrani.