Tuesday May 12
18:00 – 19:30 Registration (in the hotel lobby)
Wednesday May 13
08:15 – 09:00 Registration (in the hotel lobby)
13:00 – 14:00 Registration (in the hotel lobby)
14:00 – 14:30 Opening Session
14:30 – 15:40 Keynote Talk I - (Chair: Claude Jard)
Parallelizing Seemingly Sequential Algorithms,
Madan Musuvathi, Microsoft Research, USA
15:40 – 17:00 Session 1: Distributed Algorithms I
Chair:  Michel Raynal
17:00 – 17:30 Coffee Break
17:30 – 18:30 Session 2: Networking I
Chair:  Mohammed El Kamili
Thursday May 14
08:00 – 08:45 Registration (in the hotel lobby)
08:50 – 10:00 Keynote talk II – (Chair: Vincent Gramoli)
Scalloc: From Relaxed Concurrent Data Structures to the Fastest Multicore-Scalable Memory Allocator,
Christoph Kirsch, University of Salzburg, Austria
10:00 – 11:20 Session 3: Verification I
Chair:  Madan Musuvathi
11:20 – 11:50 Coffee Break
11:50 – 12:30 Session 4: Distributed Algorithms II
Chair:  Carole Delporte
12:30 – 14:00 Lunch
14:00 – 15:30 Session 5: Systems & Databases
Chair:  Christoph Kirsch
15:30 – 16:30 Coffee Break / Poster Session I
16:30 – 18:10 Session 6: Networking II
Chair:  Guevara Noubir
20:30 Gala Diner
Friday May 15
08:50 – 10:00 Keynote talk III – (Chair: Parosh Aziz Abdulla)
Parameterized Verification of Asynchronous Shared-Memory Systems,
Javier Esparza, Technical University of Munich, Germany
10:00 – 11:00 Session 7: Distributed Algorithms III
Chair:  Carole Delporte
11:00 – 12:00 Coffee Break / Poster Session II
12:00 – 13:00 Session 8: Networking III
Chair:  Zahi Jarir
13:00 – 15:00 Lunch
15:00 – 16:00 Session 9: Verification II
Chair:  Javier Esparza
16:00 – 16:30 Coffee Break
16:30 – 17:40 Session 10: Networking & Security
Chair:  Anne-Marie Kermarrec
17:40 – 17:45 Closing Session



Session 1: Distributed Algorithms I
Chair:  Michel Raynal

  • - Cheng Wang and Rachid Guerraoui. A Thrifty Universal Construction
  • - Martin Biely, Peter Robinson, Ulrich Schmid, Manfred Schwarz and Kyrill Winkler. Gracefully Degrading Consensus and k-Set Agreement in Directed Dynamic Networks
  • - Olivier Bournez, Johanne Cohen and Mikaël Rabie. Homonym Population Protocols, or Providing a Small Space of Computation Using a Few Identifiers
  • - Stéphane Devismes, Anissa Lamani, Franck Petit and Sebastien Tixeuil. Optimal Torus Exploration by Oblivious Robots

Session 2: Networking I
Chair:  Mohammed El Kamili

  • -  Hajar Elhammouti, Loubna Echabbi and Rachid Elazzouzi. A Fully Distributed Learning Algorithm for Power Allocation in Heterogeneous Networks
  • -  Tao Jin, Triet D. Vo-Huu, Erik-Oliver Blass and Guevara Noubir. BaPu: Efficient and Practical Bunching of Access Point Uplinks
  • - Dacfey Dzung, Rachid Guerraoui, David Kozhaya and Yvonne-Anne Pignolet. Source Routing in Time-Varing Lossy Networks

Session 3: Verification I
Chair:  Madan Musuvathi

  • - Matthieu Perrin, Claude Jard and Achour Mostefaoui. Tracking causal dependencies in Web services orchestrations defined in ORC
  • -  Tong Che.Verifying Concurrent Data Structures Using Data-Expansion
  • -  Jad Hamza. On the complexity of Linearizability
  • - Parosh Aziz Abdulla, Mohamed Faouzi Atig, Magnus Lång and Tuan Phong Ngo. Precise and Sound Automatic Fence Insertion Procedure under PSO

Session 4: Distributed Algorithms II
Chair:  Carole Delporte

  • - Colette Johnen. Memory efficient Self-Stabilizing distance-k Independent Dominating Set Construction
  • - Karine Altisen, Stéphane Devismes and Anaïs Durand. Concurrency in Snap-Stabilizing Local Resource Allocation

Session 5: Systems & Databases
Chair:  Christoph Kirsch

  • - Vincent Gramoli, Guillaume Jourjon and Olivier Mehani. Disaster-Tolerant Storage with SDN
  • - Telesphore Tiendrebeogo and Damien Magoni.Virtual and Consistent Hyperbolic Tree: A New Structure for Distributed Database Management
  • - Paulo Sérgio Almeida, Ali Shoker and Carlos Baquero.Efficient State-based CRDTs by Delta-Mutation
  • - (Short) Bertil Chapuis and Benoît Garbinato.  Knowledgeable chunking
  • - (Short) Widad Ettazi, Mahmoud Nassar and Hatim Hafiddi. A User Centered Design Approach for Transactional Service Adaptation in Context Aware Environment
  • - (Short) Daniela Oliveira, Paulo Carvalho and Solange Rito Lima.Understanding Cloud Storage Services Usage: A Practical Case Study

Session 6: Networking II
Chair:  Guevara Noubir

  • - Imane Daha Belghiti, Ismail Berrada and Mohamed El Kamili. Improving Cognitive Radio Wireless Network Performances using clustering schemes and coalitional games
  • - Soufiana Mekouar, Sihame El-Hammani, Khalil Ibrahimi and El-Houssine Bouyakhf. Optimizing Diffusion Time of the Content Through the Social Networks: Stochastic Learning Game
  • - Sonia Gaied and Habib Youssef. Peer-to-peer full-text keyword search of the Web
  • - Anis Charfi and Haolin Zhi.  Aspect-based Realization of non-functional Concerns in Business Processes
  • - (Short) Abdelfettah Mabrouk, Kobbane Abdellatif, Essaid Sabir and Mohammed El Koutbi.Coalitional Game Theory for Cooperative Transmission in VANET: Internet Access via Fixed and Mobile Gateways
  • - (Short) Outman El Hichami, Mohamed Naoum, Mohammed Al Achhab, Ismail Berrada and Badr Eddine El Mohajir. Towards a formal semantics and analysis of BPMN gateways

Session 7: Distributed Algorithms III
Chair:  Carole Delporte

  • - Roy Friedman, Michel Raynal and Francois Taiani. Fisheye Consistency: Keeping Data in Synch in a Georeplicated World
  • - Vincent Gramoli, Rachid Guerraoui and Anne-Marie Kermarrec.  Profiling Transactional Applications
  • - (Short) Oday Jubran and Oliver Theel.A Self-Stabilizing PIF Algorithm for Educated Unique Process Selection
  • - (Short) Michael Diamond, Prasad Jayanti and Jake Leichtling. Enhancing Readers-Writers Exclusion with Upgrade/Downgrade

Session 8: Networking III
Chair:  Zahi Jarir

  • - Antonio Fernandez Anta, Chryssis Georgiou and Elli Zavou. Packet Scheduling over a Wireless Channel: AQT-based Constrained Jamming
  • (Short) Hassan Faouzi, Hicham Mouncif and Mohamed Lamsaadi. Performance evaluation for ad hoc routing protocols in realistic physical layer
  • (Short) Btihal El Ghali, Abderrahim El Qadi, Mohamed Ouadou and Driss Aboutajdine.Context-based query expansion method for short queries using Latent Semantic Analyses
  • - (Short) Mohammed Raiss El Fenni, Mohamed El Kamili, Sidi Ahmed Ezzahidi, Ismail Berrada and El Houssine Bouyakhf. Towards an Optimal Pricing for Mobile Virtual Network Operators
  • - (Short) Saima Zaidi, Waleej Haider, Nouman M Durrani, Mohammad Asad Abbasi and Nadeem Kafi Khan.Trust Based Energy Preserving Routing Protocol in Multi-hop WSN

Session 9: Verification II
Chair:  Javier Esparza

  • - Cyriac Aiswarya. Model Checking Dynamic Distributed Systems
  • - Parosh Aziz Abdulla, Mohamed Faouzi Atig, Ahmet Kara and Othmane Rezine. Verification of Buffered Dynamic Register Automata
  • - Lukas Holik and Roland Meyer. An Anti Chain-based Approach to Recursive Program Verification

Session 10: Networking & Security
Chair:  Anne-Marie Kermarrec

  • - (Short) Mohammed Saber, Sara Chadli, Mohamed Emharraf and Ilhame El Farissi. Modeling and implementation approach to evaluate the intrusion detection system
  • - Yahya Benkaouz, Mohammed Erradi and Bernd Freisleben.  Distributed Privacy-preserving Data Aggregation via Anonymization
  • - Zohra Saoud, Noura Faci, Zakaria Maamar and Djamal Benslimane. Web Services Trust Assessment based on Probabilistic Databases
  • - Triet D. Vo-Huu, Erik-Oliver Blass and Guevara Noubir. EPiC: Efficient Privacy-Preserving Counting for MapReduce

Poster Session 1:

  • - Mohamed Amine MADANI, Mohammed ERRADI. An Access Control Model for Collaborative Cloud Environment
  • - Karam YOUNES KHARRAZ, Mohammed ERRADI. Integrating Communication-Centric Programming in the Design of Distributed Systems
  • - Asma BENMOHAMMED, MERNIZ Salah. Minimum interference in wireless mesh networks
  • - AIT-MLOUK Addi, GHARNATI Fatima, AGOUTI Tarik. Evaluation of association rules extraction algorithms
  • - Youssef HAMDAOUI. Prosumers integration and the hybrid communication in smart grid context
  • - Mohcine KODAD, El Miloud JAARA, Mohammed ERRAMDANI. Social networks: for increase more interactions and feedbacks
  • - Hanane BAIS, Mustapha MACHKOUR, Lahcen KOUTTI. A Generic Natural Language Interface for Database Interface Based on Machine Learning Approach
  • - Ilyass EL KASSMI, Zahi JARIR. Dynamic Integration of Security Requirements in Web Service composition
  • - Meryeme AYACHE, Mohammed ERRADI, Ahmed KHOUMSI. The first step towards securing a distributed collaborative system
  • - Ali Azougaghe, Hicham Boukhriss, Mustapha Hedabou, Mostafa Belkasmi.Hybrid Intrusion Detection System in Cloud Computing (Hy-CIDS)
  • - Naoual BOUKIL, Abdelali IBRIZ. Architecture of Remote Virtual Labs as a Service in the Cloud Computing

Poster Session 2:

  • - Bahae ABIDI, Abdelillah JILBAB, Mohamed EL HAZITI. Evaluation of MCR Protocol For WSNs
  • - BAYAD Kanza, RZIZA Mohammed, OUMSIS Mohammed. An Overview of VANET: Architectures, Challenges and Routing Protocols
  • - El Houssine BOURHIM, Mohammed OUMSIS. Performance Evaluation of Routing Protocols in VANET.
  • - Bouchra MARZAK, Hicham TOUMI, Elhabib BENLAHMAR, Mohamed TALEA. Clustering Algorithm in Vehicular Networks
  • - Houda MOUDNI, Mohamed ER-ROUIDI, Hicham MOUNCIF, Benachir EL HADADI. Impact of Malicious Behavior on AODV Routing Protocol
  • - Amine KADA, Mohammed OUZZIF. A routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks based on Ant Colony Optimization and Multi-criteria Decision Aid
  • - Nisrine IBADAH, Mohammed RZIZA, Khalid MINAOUI, Mohammed OUMSIS. Mobility models impact on the throughput in MANET
  • - Raihana MOKHLISSI, Mohamed EL MARRAKI, Dounia LOTFI. Counting spanning trees in bipartite and reduced pseudofractal scale-free network
  • - Nabila SAMOUNI, Abdelilah JILBAB, Driss Aboutajdine. Performance Analysis of ARQ and FEC in WBANs
  • - Omar El Midaoui, Abderrahim El Qadi, Moulay Driss Rahmani, Driss Aboutajdine. Geographical Query Reformulation Based on Spatial Taxonomies Constructed Using the Apriori Algorithm
Dates [No Extensions]

January 9, 2015

Abstract submission deadline

January 18, 2015

Paper submission deadline

March 16, 2015

Acceptance notification

April 13, 2015

Camera ready copy due



The proceedings of the conference will be published in Springer’s Lecture Notes in Computer Science